new project?


I got hired for some initial work by the founder of Kevin For Good, it’s a campaign for making the world a better place. The face of the campaign is Kevin, a small adorable robot.

If the initial work goes well I will be responsable for designing a Kevin toy that can be sold and a portion of the profit will go for good causes. How awesome is that, I want to work on this project so much.


life fun work

design, thoughts

This scene sticked with me from the movie Eames, the architect and the painter, where she talkes about life at the Eames Office.
I think that in our modern lives we want to separate everything, our work, our home and family life, entertainment, social life. And sometimes I feel that these things are not only separated from each other but they are also so far from our true selves, especially work.

I want a type of life like Charles and Ray Eames had, I want my work, home, friends, family and everything I do to jumble up into one big random fulfilling mess.