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There are two topics I was thinking about that are close to me. One is beauty, as always 😀 I think it is so easy to fall into either of these opinions about beauty: it is stupid and superficial and it doesn’t matter at all, so the best is to avoid it, or it is something we should always consider and maybe it’s even a kind of responsibility to for example look beautiful.
I think the search for beauty is  so deeply and naturally inside us. And we can find it in so many ways and in so many things. It’s in colors, shapes, sounds, maybe even in things that are symbolic or can’t be sensed. And searching for that is I think just one of the things we do naturally.

Trying to collect that beauty we can see in the outside world and in some way adding it to ourselves I think is the most natural, fun and uplifting thing to do. And there is nothing superficial about it.

I don’t think it’s in any way a responsibility to do this all the time, having those days when you do absolutely nothing to look nice, those are fun too. And in the end, noone or nothing can take away that true beauty that is always inside you.

The other topic I like is why believing in things still matter. I see a lot of times people automatically giving up on positive or idealistic ideas and just accepting things working not really as they should be.

I think believing in things still matter because everything that ever happened or got created is the result of someone or more people believing in something and then making an effort to make that real. So if we stop believing in good things, good things will actually disappear. And I think that is true about relationships or work or justice or basically anything.

Of course, things won’t be always as we wanted or imagined ideally. But there is certainly way more chance them to happen compared to the scenario where we didn’t even believe in them at the first place.

drawings and color collection


I had the most awesome idea today, I want to make a freelance space out of my apartment. When I’m here at home, it would be an open space for other freelancers and when I’m away it would be rentable.
I’m experiementing with more abstract styles, I really like now the type of drawing where you mix up different elements that you see around you, this is what I tried today at Massolit.
I started collecting colors, whenever I see something that has a great color I put in my collection, so far I collected parts of plants.

art update


I’ve been drawing a lot lately and I started to use A3 papers, experiment with more mediums, techniques and styles. To me art is always a search. It’s an expression of whatever I’m feeling and experiencing at the moment and a search of how to express that. The more I think of this the more I get the feeling that nothing I do is an end result, but an inevitable side effect of my attempts. Sometimes it can look as an end result, but really it is more like an incomplete state of something filled with imperfections. In an interesting way because of this I see beauty in everything that has been created with a good spirit and motivation regardless of technical skills or actual characteristics of the creation.
I am turning 25 next month and I totally did not expect it to make any impact on me, because nothing is really changing in any aspect of my life. I plan to continue the same things I am doing right now, maybe dig a little more into them. But it just got me, I felt this change in my perception and self-image. Nothing changed in my way of thinking, but my focus shifted from self discovery to actualization.
I don’t know how but Lena Dunham is always telling exactly the story I need at the moment. I love how she is showing everything that is wrong with ourselves and our lives but at the same time she is making me so excited about living.