backpack ready to order

design, orderable

I got pictures yesterday from the last photoshoot we did. I like this photo especially, I like how much movement it has, Judit, the photographer and Hanna, the model made an awesome job! I made this backpack somewhere in the last years of university. I was feeling quite lost at that time, so I thought at least I’m making a backpack. Hope you like it!
I am using it right now, I really like wearing, using things that I made myself, so hopefully you can have that feeling also if I personalize your order to your own taste.


here you can find more information about the backpack: backpack information
and here you can order one: backpack order

3D print ready!


I just received a photo of the 3D print of the greenhouse mock-up that I’ve made. Actually it’s kind of an amazing feeling for me. I know it’s not a big thing, but to me it’s one big step towards being a really cool designer, that I want to be. 🙂 So hopefully I will continue on this journey.

This is one of the six pieces of the mock-up. It will be printed in separate parts because of cost concerns.

I’m so happy, I want to do more projects like this!