product design update


The unique prosthesis design project is progressing well I think. Here is the new carbon fiber outer surface which is flattened so that the Apple watch will fit in nicely.
How exciting is that? 😀 The concept for the embedment is ready, I just need to check some measurements and make sure everything fits.
During the whole project I had two reoccurring thoughts: yay this is so fun and no way, this is just impossible to do, there are too many problems. We’ll see…


And the other news is that I got hired to design a solar backpack! Backpack design is something that I really love, I think because this is where product design and fashion design meet. This is something that I always wanted to do, and the solar energy aspect makes it more interesting.

It will be the most epic organic looking progressive hipster solar backpack!!

getting emotionally attached to projects


When I get a project that I really like I always feel this way. After I accept the project I start thinking about it and it stays with me the whole time and it effects every minute of my life in that time period.

So when I’m at the finishing stages I can’t help but feel a little sad as if I’m saying goodbye to a good friend. I’m starting to miss everything that happened in that time period, everything I’ve learned, people I got to know, hardship and success.

It’s not so easy to find projects like this, where everything is really good, good client, good purpose, interesting topic and also it’s something that fits my abilities. When I do, it’s really memorable for me, I think I had four of these so far. I feel so thankful for them, I hope I keep finding projects like those.

This is what I’m working on right now. It will be a unique prosthesis with an Apple watch embedded in it. What I really like about this project is that it is very experimental and open for innovation. Also I found out during this project that I’m really interested in designing unique prostheses. I like designing personal objects, and what could be more personal than an artificial body part? I think that someone who wears a prosthesis should be able to make it their own and make it personal.

The other strange feeling after finishing a project is confusement. Where to go further after this? Should I find a project that is more interesting or more purposeful? More challenging or pays better? After a while it is not so unambiguous what progress means.