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I went to Fablab today, they cut the edge of the case for me. Now I think the next step is to measure every component and then update my concept to the right measurements.

And I made a trial drawing today for a client, who would need hand drawings for custom made jewelry pieces. I hope we’ll be working together, I like hand drawing so much and I’m also interested in jewelry design.

traveling plans

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In two weeks I’m going to be in Podgorica, Montenegro, yay! I’m going to be couchsurfing, my host is a musician, I hope I can learn something while I’m there.

I don’t know what I will do there exactly, but I guess the same as here, freelance, enjoy my days, meet people, walk around in the city, enjoy the nightlife, food and I’m interested in visiting the National Parks of Montenegro. Hope I don’t get lost or get in some kind of trouble. First trip as a freelancer!

While I was thinking about this trip and about traveling in general I came across videos about Chiang Mai and how it is the freelancer/digital nomad heaven. Since then I kind of want to move there. So my plan is, first go for half a year, see how I like it and if I really feel that I belong there, move there.
I think it’s a good place for me, I can imagine staying there and maybe start a digital nomad family.

And I found out that Budapest is one the best places for freelancing according to Nomad List, which is pretty accurate. 😀 It’s at 3rd place right now. Wow, and I just live here already, how cool is that?

product design update


The unique prosthesis design project is progressing well I think. Here is the new carbon fiber outer surface which is flattened so that the Apple watch will fit in nicely.
How exciting is that? 😀 The concept for the embedment is ready, I just need to check some measurements and make sure everything fits.
During the whole project I had two reoccurring thoughts: yay this is so fun and no way, this is just impossible to do, there are too many problems. We’ll see…


And the other news is that I got hired to design a solar backpack! Backpack design is something that I really love, I think because this is where product design and fashion design meet. This is something that I always wanted to do, and the solar energy aspect makes it more interesting.

It will be the most epic organic looking progressive hipster solar backpack!!

freelancing and solitude


Starting freelancing was one of the best decisions of my life, but it certainly has it’s own difficulties. Because I’m working on my projects on my own I am spending a lot of time alone, even if I’m having an active social life.

This can be challenging sometimes. When I tell people I do freelancing and I work from home they respond: oh, so you’re an introvert. Which I’m not, whatever that means. 😀 The thing is when I work I have to really get into a very focused, imaginative state of mind and I can’t do that if there are a lot of other people around me.
I like being around people and I miss it, but at the same time I don’t want to loose this very good connection with my work. So I haven’t really found a solution for this yet.

I want to try working in coffee places just to have some people and a nice atmosphere around me. My favorite place right now here in Budapest is Massolit Books and Café. It is a very quiet charming place, I think I could do my work there.

The other solution is to find people to work with on projects. Which I did and I’m so happy and excited about it. I don’t know if it will really work out but I met a fashion designer who would be interested in working together. He is from Cameroon, so his work is very much inspired by traditional African clothing style and he would like to mix that with western fashion styles. We’ll have a meeting this week and figure out how exactly can we work together.

I am totally going to buy a bra from the money I’ve made out of freelancing

design, thoughts

It is an amazing feeling when you are able to make money out of something you love and believe in. To me this is designing, I don’t know exactly why, but this is what I want to do. I enjoy creating things and making decisions about an object. And every decision I make will factor into the end result. I really like this process. And I like it how I learn from every decision I make.