searching for flavours


First cooking attempt! Cooking means creation to me just like creating drawings or music. The elements I use are flavours, not colors, shapes, or sounds but the method and the feeling while I create is the same. And I can eat it afterwards.

This was yesterday’s quest. Bacon pancakes with ruccola, a salad, tiramisu and lemonade.


Yes, I am messy and I don’t have a table yet.

Pancakes: regular pancake mix with oat and bacon, put some ruccola on top: I really like the taste of bacon and ruccola together. Oat in the pancake mix, why not? But I could come up with a more interesting recipe for the mix.

Salad: lettuce, fried mushrooms, roasted peanut, purple onion, olive oil, pepper, kefir (similar to joghurt): It is nice, I like strong flavours in salads like mushrooms or peanut. It felt a little bit unbalanced somehow like something is missing.

Tiramisu: regular tiramisu, but with minced walnut: So yummy, tiramisu is just so tasty, and I like the walnut combined with it. I could’ve added more liquid (coffee), and less cocoa powder.

Lemonade: nothing special, just a regular homemade lemonade.


trying to understand beauty and ugliness

art, design, thoughts

As a side effect of being an artist and a designer I’m constantly looking at my surroundings, making observations.

Sometimes I spot objects, buildings, clothes or natural elements that are mesmerizing, I enjoy looking at them trying to understand their beauty. And other times when I’m in an enviroment that is poorly designed I feel so uncomfortable I just want to leave.

This is making me think: what makes something beautiful and what makes something ugly? Of all physical objects why do we find certain combination of colors, materials and textures appealing and others repulsive?

Right now I think beauty is the number of good choices that has been made in order to create an object. The amount of time, work and thinking done while designing.
This is why nature is beautiful, because it is created by many good choices during evolution.

The other aspect that makes something either beautiful or ugly to me is how much truth is captured in that object. Is it telling something honestly about ourselves, our feelings and the world we live in?

new project?


I got hired for some initial work by the founder of Kevin For Good, it’s a campaign for making the world a better place. The face of the campaign is Kevin, a small adorable robot.

If the initial work goes well I will be responsable for designing a Kevin toy that can be sold and a portion of the profit will go for good causes. How awesome is that, I want to work on this project so much.