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I started to work with a new client, I’m really excited about it. The last backpack project I worked on didn’t go anywhere… my clients didn’t respond to me after a while.. not so good. 😀
But! I fully designed the backpack and I bought all materials and started to make it. I think I’m going to change the design concept and use the materials I bought to make it and just use it myself.
And, I got hired for a different project by a different client, and I really like it, mostly because the client already has a brand and I think the aesthetic, message and style of the brand is really unique and cool. Also, the products seem functional.
So my job is to design a new version of their original backpack with additional features.

So excited to see how will it turn out!


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I received photos from the last photoshoot we did with two of my friends.

Phototgraphy Judit Fehér, modeling Hanna Szili

backpack ready to order

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I got pictures yesterday from the last photoshoot we did. I like this photo especially, I like how much movement it has, Judit, the photographer and Hanna, the model made an awesome job! I made this backpack somewhere in the last years of university. I was feeling quite lost at that time, so I thought at least I’m making a backpack. Hope you like it!
I am using it right now, I really like wearing, using things that I made myself, so hopefully you can have that feeling also if I personalize your order to your own taste.


here you can find more information about the backpack: backpack information
and here you can order one: backpack order

product design update


The unique prosthesis design project is progressing well I think. Here is the new carbon fiber outer surface which is flattened so that the Apple watch will fit in nicely.
How exciting is that? 😀 The concept for the embedment is ready, I just need to check some measurements and make sure everything fits.
During the whole project I had two reoccurring thoughts: yay this is so fun and no way, this is just impossible to do, there are too many problems. We’ll see…


And the other news is that I got hired to design a solar backpack! Backpack design is something that I really love, I think because this is where product design and fashion design meet. This is something that I always wanted to do, and the solar energy aspect makes it more interesting.

It will be the most epic organic looking progressive hipster solar backpack!!