Omg I went to Stockholm!!

I stayed on a boat!! How cool is that. :O :O  I walked a bit around in the city and I ate a really good vegetarian burger at a bar. It had games to play and cool music. And I saw these stickers at many bars and hostels.

The second day I put on dark lipstick because it seemed like a fun thing to do. And then went to the Modern Art Museum. Ahhh it was so good, I love modern art. And I really enjoyed seeing Swedish art. I think I like Swedish art a lot.

On the way to the Photography Museum, I saw posters and writings protesting for a cause. The whole time in Stockholm it felt like it is absolutely okay to tell your opinion.

At the Photography Museum. Many really talented artists! Really cool vibe! And at the end of the exhibition, there is a party. 😀

Soo beautiful. I loved the weather. Icy rain, wind. ^^ With a cup of Pressbyran coffee. The best.

Being at Centralbadet was amazing. I loved the design of the place. The bubble bath, swimming pool, many different sauna types. SO special, so nice.

Time to go home… Tack sa mycket Sweden!! Jag alskar dig Stockholm. Solo Female Travel!! ❤

what I saw from Italy so far

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This is a drawing I received as a surprise, an artist sent it to me, called Yassin. I like this style very much, it is simple but captures well a characteristics of someone.