should you start freelancing?


It’s a common notion about freelancing that it is a risky business. You can never know when you’ll get projects and will you be able to sustain yourself.

I wouldn’t say that about freelancing. The first year, especially the first months are going to be difficult, that’s for sure. And you will need either savings or a lot of courage. But after a year I think it gives you the same stability as any other job, there are always projects to work on.

There are only two questions you have to ask yourself: does the freelancing lifestyle suit you and are you good at what you do? I’ll let you decide on the latter. For the former, here is a little help.

Should you start freelancing?

1. What does work mean to you?

+3    it’s my passion and my guide for life
+2    it’s something I like to do
+1    it’s something I like to be over with

2. How do you handle arriving to places on time?

+1    I have no problem with it at all
+3    I’m allergic to scheduled meetings
+2    I’m managing

3. How do you feel about working in a team?

+3    I’m doing my best when I work alone
+1    Having collegues is very important to me
+2    I enjoy working together with people from time to time

4. How do you handle criticism?

+2    I don’t like being criticised
+1    I accept and respect criticism if it comes from a superior
+3    I am the only person who has the right to judge my work, but
I always listen to anyone who has a remark because I can
learn from that

5. What do you think about work hierarchy?

+1    I think it’s necessary
+2    I prefer friendly work relations
+3    About what??

6. It’s saturday night, your friends are waiting for you at your favourite party place, you are just thinking about leaving, when you see an amazingly exciting project popping up. What do you do?

+1    Who cares? It’s saturday night – I slam my laptop and leave
+3    I’m immidiately glued to the monitor and start writing the most epic
application for the project
+2    I make a quick application then leave to the party.

7. How do you feel about uncertainity and diversity?

+3    I love it! Every day should be an adventure!
+2    I like diversity, but don’t like uncertainity
+1    Nope, routine and safety is what works for me

8. How important is to you to ocasionally dance around in your underwear to your favourite song while working?

+1    slightly
+2    moderately
+3    it’s essential

9. How do you react when you’re told how to do something?

+3    It’s the most annoying thing ever
+1    I actually like it, because it allows me to take less responsibility
+2    I prefer to make my own decisions

10. How do you handle rejection?

+1    I try to avoid it
+3    it doesn’t affect me at all, I just keep looking for more opportunities
+2    I feel down for a while, but then I keep trying


24 – 30     Please quit you dayjob tomorrow. You were born to be a freelancer!
17 – 23     Try it out, maybe you’ll like it.
10 – 16       Freelancing is not for you.