I’m a vegan cook now :O :O :D

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A few things changed in my life. 1/ I went vegan and 2/ I became a cook. It’s a lot of fun I think. It is hard work, especially physically and I feel like it requires a lot of skill and knowledge. I like that I feel free while doing it and I like that I do something I believe in, making tasty, healthy, quality food for people.

I make the sauces, fry tofu, tempeh, and vegetables. I put together the burgers, refill ingredients and do the labeling.

searching for flavours


First cooking attempt! Cooking means creation to me just like creating drawings or music. The elements I use are flavours, not colors, shapes, or sounds but the method and the feeling while I create is the same. And I can eat it afterwards.

This was yesterday’s quest. Bacon pancakes with ruccola, a salad, tiramisu and lemonade.


Yes, I am messy and I don’t have a table yet.

Pancakes: regular pancake mix with oat and bacon, put some ruccola on top: I really like the taste of bacon and ruccola together. Oat in the pancake mix, why not? But I could come up with a more interesting recipe for the mix.

Salad: lettuce, fried mushrooms, roasted peanut, purple onion, olive oil, pepper, kefir (similar to joghurt): It is nice, I like strong flavours in salads like mushrooms or peanut. It felt a little bit unbalanced somehow like something is missing.

Tiramisu: regular tiramisu, but with minced walnut: So yummy, tiramisu is just so tasty, and I like the walnut combined with it. I could’ve added more liquid (coffee), and less cocoa powder.

Lemonade: nothing special, just a regular homemade lemonade.