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I went to Fablab today, they cut the edge of the case for me. Now I think the next step is to measure every component and then update my concept to the right measurements.

And I made a trial drawing today for a client, who would need hand drawings for custom made jewelry pieces. I hope we’ll be working together, I like hand drawing so much and I’m also interested in jewelry design.

recent creations

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I made a set of necklace and a ring, I like the natural feel of it. Also I like how I can wear it in a way that one stone hangs in the front and one in the back or I can wear it with both stones in the front.

I made a simple tube top with a sewing machine, which is new for me because usually I’m hand sewing.
I bought my first own sewing machine, yay, it almost feels like a new family member to me. 😀

And I’m starting to get better at singing and playing the ukulele, I’ve played to my little sister, and we played ukulele and sang together with my friends, and I just did a very exclusive live show on my balcony. My audience consisted of a guy drinking beer in the next building and a woman hanging clothes.


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I got really great projects lately. I made patent drawings about a dog washing machine and now I’m designing a GPS case. I’m interested in this GPS case design because it is an ongoing job, my client wants to create a webshop for motorcycle accesories and this would be the first item.
And today I got an invitation for designing a unique prosthesis which has an Apple watch incorporated in it. 🙂 I love how these kind of things happen on an everyday basis if you’re a freelancing designer.
I’m feeling creative and inspired a lot lately and this is so important to me right now. However this GPS case design is quite stressful, I’ve never designed a full product that will really be sold and used. Because this is my first real product that I’m designing I feel a lot of pressure, I want it to be really good in the end. There are a lot of requirements that I have to keep in mind through the whole design process and also keep an interesting, esthetic shape. It is a big challenge for me and I’m puting a lot of time and energy into it. But mostly I am very glad that I have an opportunity to try myself as a designer. I hope everything will turn out good in the end and my work will pay off.

I am drawing a lot and trying new techniques. And I got pictures about the 3D printed chain that I designed.

I had the most chaotic, fun, creative and inspiring Christmas celebration with the nicest, funniest, amazingly wierd people, my sisters. 🙂
I made knotted jewlelry during the holiday, I really like them, I think these are prototypes for my future brand.

I want to start my brand

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I just want to start it! 😀 I don’t care if it won’t be any good in the begining or noone will order anything or even know about my brand, but I want to start it.

I will make a website for it. Basically I will upload the stuff I have made so far. And the costumers can order clothes, bags or accesories. And every order will be unique, so it will work like a manufacture.

I mean, I already have an order from one of my friends. A great inspiration for me is Bagaboo, which is a messenger bag selling company. It is a small manufacture and it started similarly. A guy started to make bags for his friends. And now it is a successful brand and they sell bags all over the world. I want to do something like that.

Also, I can apply for freelance fashion designer jobs and I can have an etsy for my stuff. So I’m really trying to reach as many platforms I can.

I think it’s a great progress that now I have a freelance profile for my product designer, my artist and my fashion designer personality. 😀
I feel like things are progressing, but still I’m so in the begining and it’s really hard to start these things. Mostly to have the courage and the confidence.