What is up with me

what's up with me

Many things are up with me!

1. I started working again. It feels great to be productive and feel like things are moving forward.

2. We are doing great with Noel. He is feeling much more relaxed, he can be himself. And we are figuring out more and more how to live in the same space. I let him out often to run around. And I plan to buy a harness so I can go out with him. He is healthy and he is eating well.

3. I have a name! This is my name: Inka Bege 🙂 Or, Bege Inka in Hungarian.

4. Not much is up with my ptsd. I think the abuse went on for longer, up till 10 years old maybe. I don’t really remember what was my life at that time.
I am understanding more the different parts I have, sometimes I feel like I’m 4 years old, almost 5. Sometimes I feel like I am around 8. Sometimes I feel extremely scared and vulnerable. Other times I feel like an amazon, who can fight anything.
I feel much much less dreamy and much less in my fantasies.
And one thing I experienced a lot lately was being extremely tired. Waking up and feeling very tired after just an hour. It was very hard to do anything on days like that.