what is my ptsd like these days + changes

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new memories: From time to time I get access to a little bit more information of the past. It is overwhelming. I feel a bit disoriented and confused… there is something I wasn’t aware of before and now I am.

suicidal days: I want to start by saying that I get help from professionals and friends too, so on these days I always have someone to contact. Usually, it lasts for a day or half a day and then it just stops.

flashbacks: Sometimes the flashbacks take me back to a feeling, hopelessness, fear, a feeling of being in a really bad situation. Sometimes it is like a ghost sensation. For example, feeling my throat closing or feeling that something is behind me.

problems with connecting: Many times I have trouble connecting with people at work or while spending time with friends. People naturally react to each other and I feel like I’m on a totally different wavelength.

New changes in my life! I switched to a different workplace. It is also in a kitchen. It is not a vegan place but there are vegan, vegetarian meals. It has a much better atmosphere and much better equipment.

Soon my plan is to visit Stockholm!! it will be so amazing