awesome, cool people who have been sexually abused or assaulted

CSA series

Just a few people I have thought about. They are absolutely awesome, love and respect to them. ❤

Edie Sedwick

How cool is she?! She invented a new style that was irresistible for so many people. She lived and enjoyed her life in such a free and wild way. I’m amazed by all of her accomplishments despite the tremendous amount of disadvantage and pain.


Jeni Haynes

The things she did mentally to survive the abuse she experienced is incredible, it’s almost like she has superpowers. And the fact that she has a will to enjoy her life after all that happened to her is nothing but applaudable. She has a Phd. and she won her court case.

Képtalálat a következőre: „lady gaga”

Lady Gaga

I love her song Till it happens to you and all of her efforts to support lgbtq+ people. I enjoy her songs and I admire her unique talent and dedication. My favorite songs are Born this way and Joanne.

I’m a vegan cook now :O :O :D

food, what's up with me

A few things changed in my life. 1/ I went vegan and 2/ I became a cook. It’s a lot of fun I think. It is hard work, especially physically and I feel like it requires a lot of skill and knowledge. I like that I feel free while doing it and I like that I do something I believe in, making tasty, healthy, quality food for people.

I make the sauces, fry tofu, tempeh, and vegetables. I put together the burgers, refill ingredients and do the labeling.