searching for equality


There is something that has been bugging me about love. To me love is something that is in every one of us, it is universal, you can find it in so many ways and in so many things.
It is about taking the time to understand and accept someone or something. It means a beautiful connection to me.

What makes me sad from time to time is when I experience inequality. In a lot of situations I see that people think about love in a hierarchical manner: committed monogamous heterosexual relationships come first, everything else after that.

I think any type of connection can be worthy and appreciated, regardless of how many people are involved, how long does it last, is it committed or not, genders, sexualities, age, race, anything.

I really wish that more people would recognise the beauties and values in relationships other than committed monogamous heterosexual ones.
How amazing and valuable is the love that you can feel for yourself? Which will accompany you for your whole life. Or how amazing can be a few weeks long relationship which maybe opened your eye in a lot of ways?