thougts on life choices


I was thinking about life choices, how do they effect our everyday lives and after experiencing these effects how do we develop feelings about them.

What is surprisinig and interesting to me when I look back to the choices I made and the experiences I had in these last 8 months is that if I think about circumstances and settings that I would find ideal it’s definitely not what the circumstances are in my life right now.
For example I would prefer to have a nicer looking, well furnished apartment and I would prefer to spend more time with other people working together.

But if we look at deeper levels, not circumstances this is the best possible thing I can do, this is what makes me able to fulfill my deepest needs and wishes: to be free, to express myself and to be truly connected to other people.
And even though on the surface might not everything work the best the core of my decisions and actions I’m really satisfied with. And I think if I continue to choose life choices that are based on these very deep basic wishes my circumstances will get better eventually. And if not, it’s still better this way.


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