thoughts on love


I was thinking a lot about love and how we love people lately. It is so important part of our lives and it is such a complex topic. I feel like we can experience honest love and connection in so many ways and it is different for every person what love really means to them.

I think it’s something every person needs, but in his/her unique way.

What makes me a little sad, that I feel like there is still a standard image in front of us and anyone who wants to experience connection different from that in any way has to make so much more effort exploring his/herself thoughts on this topic, finding the courage sharing this with other people and just generally deal with difficulities which comes from living a life which is different from what this standard idea is.

What I find really strange is that I see so many people who doesn’t think about what love and sexuality means for them, just automatically goes with a standard idea. I think that’s not a good thing, because even if you fit in in every way into this idea, you have to explore yourself and be aware of your individual thoughts and feelings on this topic.

What is important is that every type of honest and caring love is great and should be celebrated. Let’s be open for each other’s concept of love, listen and understand each other.


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