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This scene sticked with me from the movie Eames, the architect and the painter, where she talks about life at the Eames Office.
I think that in our modern lives we want to separate everything, our work, our home and family life, entertainment, social life. And sometimes I feel that these things are not only separated from each other but they are also so far from our true selves, especially work.

I want a type of life like Charles and Ray Eames had, I want my work, home, friends, family and everything I do to jumble up into one big random fulfilling mess.

no pressure-saturday and fashion design-sunday


I decided to dedicate every sunday entirely to fashion design. I think it will work out nicely, it feels very relaxing and uplifting to design and make garments. It is a nice change compared to product design, where I use my laptop a lot and the projects are more complex and stressful.
Making clothes is so important to me, so this is something I really want to spend time with.

My other weekend plan is to have a day where I do everything as I think it would be good without any society’s pressure. Which is almost what I do every day.. 😀 but still some pressure effects my days. Hope once every day will be no pressure day.

inner motivation


One other difficulity of freelancing is finding inner motivation. Because I have no boss and no workplace there is no outer motivational force. Which is great and I really like that. It gives me a lot of freedom. But because of this I always have to find my motivation from inside. Every day I have to get up and be aware of my inner motivations. I have to know exactly why I’m doing what I’m doing and this is giving me the energy.

I’m not afraid that I will loose this motivation, because I know that this is what I want to do for life. But sometimes I loose my connection with my motivations and I forget about why I want to design.

freelancing and solitude


Starting freelancing was one of the best decisions of my life, but it certainly has it’s own difficulties. Because I’m working on my projects on my own I am spending a lot of time alone, even if I’m having an active social life.

This can be challenging sometimes. When I tell people I do freelancing and I work from home they respond: oh, so you’re an introvert. Which I’m not, whatever that means. 😀 The thing is when I work I have to really get into a very focused, imaginative state of mind and I can’t do that if there are a lot of other people around me.
I like being around people and I miss it, but at the same time I don’t want to loose this very good connection with my work. So I haven’t really found a solution for this yet.

I want to try working in coffee places just to have some people and a nice atmosphere around me. My favorite place right now here in Budapest is Massolit Books and Café. It is a very quiet charming place, I think I could do my work there.

The other solution is to find people to work with on projects. Which I did and I’m so happy and excited about it. I don’t know if it will really work out but I met a fashion designer who would be interested in working together. He is from Cameroon, so his work is very much inspired by traditional African clothing style and he would like to mix that with western fashion styles. We’ll have a meeting this week and figure out how exactly can we work together.