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Yesterday I listened to interviews with Oki Sato, founder of Nendo. It was really interesting to get to know a point of view of another designer. I really liked what he said about having a daily routine. He said that if you do the same things every day, go to the same coffee place, drink the same cappuccino, etc. you will then realize little detailes or surprizes of life, which can lead to ideas.


I think I’m doing something similar. I do the same things every day, get up, eat good food, do yoga, design, draw, dance, listen to music, practice gutiar, talk to freinds, read, write diary. But every day something is a little different and each day I’m getting better in what I do and with this repetition I’m on a journey with constant change.

Also, I liked his advice: if you want to have a spouse, don’t do 400 projects at once, maybe 100.

I really need to be open to other designers and go to events, so be a part of the community. New mission!


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