recieving my first prototype

design, thoughts

I will recieve the prototype of the gps case on Monday. I am so excited about it. It will be so amazing to hold it in my hands. Hope the gps will fit in it!
I looked at it for so long while designing it in 3D on my monitor, but it will be very different I think in reality when it has a defined material and size.
My client was satisfied with it, which means a lot to me.

Since I made a website for myself and my future brand I was thinking about it and I have a totally new direction I want to go in.
My new idea is to create a website, where people can share and trade anything that they made themselves. Any type of self-made thing could be traded, any kind of objects, food, or intellectual product . There would be no money related to the site. The trades would be all based on only what the website users agree between themselves. It could be used for local trading between people living nearby and international tradig also.
I like this idea so much better then having my own brand. And I would upload the things I make to share what I’ve created.

I’ve been progressing with learning to play the guitar. I can play the intro of Come as you are. It’s really easy, sounds awesome, so good choice for beginners.


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