I finished designing my first product?

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I am not sure.. but I think I’m done designing my first real product that really will be manufactured and sold? If everything goes well and this will really happen.. that would be amazing. To think that there will be a webshop with my products and that some day a person will buy and use what I’ve created sound surreal.

Celebrating with listening to some really good songs by Simon & Garfunkel.

Also, I got a shelf! It really makes a difference, my flat is starting to look like a flat…


finding my daily routine


I’m starting to find my daily routine and my balance. It’s not so easy in the begining to find out how to balance everything, live a healthy life, be productive and also have some time for yourself and the important people in your life. I’m getting better in this every day. I started to do 20 minute yoga every day in the morning, it gives a lot of energy for the day.


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I got really great projects lately. I made patent drawings about a dog washing machine and now I’m designing a GPS case. I’m interested in this GPS case design because it is an ongoing job, my client wants to create a webshop for motorcycle accessories and this would be the first item.
And today I got an invitation for designing a unique prosthesis which has an Apple watch incorporated in it. 🙂 I love how these kind of things happen on an everyday basis if you’re a freelancing designer.
I’m feeling creative and inspired a lot lately and this is so important to me right now. However this GPS case design is quite stressful, I’ve never designed a full product that will really be sold and used. Because this is my first real product that I’m designing I feel a lot of pressure, I want it to be really good in the end. There are a lot of requirements that I have to keep in mind through the whole design process and also keep an interesting, aesthetic shape. It is a big challenge for me and I’m putting a lot of time and energy into it. But mostly I am very glad that I have an opportunity to try myself as a designer. I hope everything will turn out good in the end and my work will pay off.

I am drawing a lot and trying new techniques. And I got pictures about the 3D printed chain that I designed.

I had the most chaotic, fun, creative and inspiring Christmas celebration with the nicest, funniest, amazingly weird people, my sisters. 🙂
I made knotted jewelry during the holiday, I really like them, I think these are prototypes for my future brand.

I made a motivational/organizer wall today


I made some motivational boards today. I made a day schedule about how an ideal day would be like. I wrote all the stuff I want to do in a day to really feel that I’m productive and doing a good job. I made little post-its for my projects, a column for projects that are in progress right now and also a column for ones that will probably be active soon.
And I made one more paper for other appointments and things that I have to do.
I think this will help to have more motivation and to see more clearly what projects and other things I have that I should do.