I want to start my brand

design, fashion design, thoughts

I just want to start it! 😀 I don’t care if it won’t be any good in the begining or noone will order anything or even know about my brand, but I want to start it.

I will make a website for it. Basically I will upload the stuff I have made so far. And the costumers can order clothes, bags or accesories. And every order will be unique, so it will work like a manufacture.

I mean, I already have an order from one of my friends. A great inspiration for me is Bagaboo, which is a messenger bag selling company. It is a small manufacture and it started similarly. A guy started to make bags for his friends. And now it is a successful brand and they sell bags all over the world. I want to do something like that.

Also, I can apply for freelance fashion designer jobs and I can have an etsy for my stuff. So I’m really trying to reach as many platforms I can.

I think it’s a great progress that now I have a freelance profile for my product designer, my artist and my fashion designer personality. 😀
I feel like things are progressing, but still I’m so in the begining and it’s really hard to start these things. Mostly to have the courage and the confidence.


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