this evening


I think I want to go abroad and work as a designer. I never really wanted to leave my country, but now I feel that this is the best option for me. There are so many oppurtinities in the world and I could learn so much and become a much better designer.

I just want the whole experience of it. Living abroad, meeting people, working on design projects, continuing my journey, learning new things about myself.

In the past two months there been a lot of experiences that made me think that I would enjoy much better living and working in a different country. Making freelance projects for foreign clients.. Hanging out with foreign guys living here in Budapest…

The electronic device has been test printed! There were minor changes needed, but not that much. So this is how it looks!

I think tomorrow they will order it in a larger serie. And I found out what the device is for. It connects with the user’s Iphone and car and it blocks calls and text messages when the car is moving. So it’s the new “safety belt” I think.


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