I’ve been working on two projects. One is the enclosure, that I have already posted about. It was one and a half day, so a really fast project. It is being printed in 3D right now at a FabLab in France. I worked with my client together yesterday all day, communicating about the design continuously. It was an interesting experience about how projects can go really fast. And that it is always a collaboration between the client and the designer. I think I like that.

The other project is a dogpoop scooper. 😀 Which is funny. But I like it because it’s a product design job and I think the result will be good in the end.

And I’m hoping to get an other project, which is a simple 3D modeling job. The client has a small plastic part and he wants someone to model it, so he can print it in 3D to have a replica from it. Me and one other freelancer are being interviewed, so I’m really hoping!

I have to do as much projects as possible now to get my freelance career started.

And I received more photos of the greenhouse, the whole mock-up has been printed and now Francis is making some details on it. I think it looks super great. 🙂
It’s really nice to hear back from a client.

I really want this freelancing to work, because I feel that this is what I want to do and nothing else would really fit me… :/ So it has to work! 😀

I want to also paint and make clothes and let my artistic side of me out, but right now I’m focusing on my engeneering/modeling stuff.


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