this evening


I think I want to go abroad and work as a designer. I never really wanted to leave my country, but now I feel that this is the best option for me. There are so many opportunities in the world and I could learn so much and become a much better designer.

I just want the whole experience of it. Living abroad, meeting people, working on design projects, continuing my journey, learning new things about myself.

In the past two months I had many experiences that made me think that I would enjoyΒ  living and working in a different country. Making freelance projects for foreign clients.. Hanging out with foreign guys living here in Budapest…

The electronic device has been test printed! There were minor changes needed, but not that much. So this is how it looks!


I think tomorrow they will order it in a larger series. And I found out what the device is for. It connects with the user’s phone and car and it blocks calls and text messages when the car is moving. So it’s the new “safety belt” I think.



I’ve been working on two projects. One is the enclosure, that I have already posted about. It was one and a half day, so a really fast project. It is being printed in 3D right now at a FabLab in France. I worked with my client together yesterday all day, communicating about the design continuously. It was an interesting experience about how projects can go really fast. And that it is always a collaboration between the client and the designer. I think I like that.

The other project is a dogpoop scooper. πŸ˜€ Which is funny. But I like it because it’s a product design job and I think the result will be good in the end.

And I’m hoping to get an other project, which is a simple 3D modeling job. The client has a small plastic part and he wants someone to model it, so he can print it in 3D to have a replica from it. Me and one other freelancer are being interviewed, so I’m really hoping!

I have to do as many projects as possible now to get my freelance career started.

And I received more photos of the greenhouse, the whole mock-up has been printed and now Francis is making some details on it. I think it looks super great. πŸ™‚
It’s really nice to hear back from a client.

I really want this freelancing to work, because I feel that this is what I want to do and nothing else would really fit me… :/ So it has to work! πŸ˜€

I want to also paint and make clothes and let my artistic side shine, but right now I’m focusing on my engineering/modeling stuff.

random life thoughts


Do you know the feeling when you deep down know what decision is the right one but you can’t 100% admit to yourself, because it’s too hard?
I think I felt a lot of these recently.

Also, does that ever happened to you when you like someone and there is one certain scent that you connect with that person. And when you think about that person you automatically feel the scent also. My brain is tricking me.. πŸ˜€

3D print ready!


I just received a photo of the 3D print of the greenhouse mock-up that I’ve made. Actually it’s kind of an amazing feeling for me. I know it’s not a big thing, but to me it’s one big step towards being a really cool designer, that I want to be. πŸ™‚ So hopefully I will continue on this journey.

This is one of the six pieces of the mock-up. It will be printed in separate parts because of cost concerns.

I’m so happy, I want to do more projects like this!