Typical fashion designer moment


I was making a fake leather bustier and I saw a darker spot on the piece that I was sawing. I got scared that I accidentally made a hole on the leather. But than I realised that it was just my finger bleeding on it. 😀 What a relief!

This is the look that I’m working on right now. It will be a simple bustier and a half lenght white skirt and the choker as an accessory.


Starting to work on HOOLENdesign


As some of you know, I would like to start my own design brand in the future, named HOOLENdesign.
Basically I would design mostly clothes, but also bags, accessories, jewellery and furniture.
Now I’m collecting ideas and defining what my brand would be about.
I got three projects now. I am making a second prototype of a backpack. The first one was succesful in many ways, but there are some things I would like to change. Mainly the materials that I used.
I am making a two piece all-white dress. It will be a very simple, basic siluette.
And I’m making a backpack for a friend. This is my first packpack that I’m designing for someone.
I’m so excited about these projects. I adore working with textiles.